Best Private Breeder - About Us





History - Best Private Breeders, maintains relationships with the best breeders.  Most of our breeders have earned the coveted 5-Star Breeder Certification and 2016-17 Achievement of Excellence Award from the American Canine Association, Inc.  We pride ourselves with the most loving and caring staff.  Our main objective is to bring happy and healthy puppies together with their new families.  Our Puppies are not maintained in a typical store environment where pathogens and disease are easily passed around.  Its also very important to know that your new puppy is not around other dogs with behavior issues.  Many typical stores have dogs that had to stay very long periods of time and have been exposed to inappropriate conditions such as being put with much older, bigger or aggressive dogs.  These are just a few things that you will not find with us.   Your new puppy will leave the hand of its caring and loving breeder and come to us where you will be able to pick up your new best friend. We love seeing our customers faces when they receive their new puppy.  It is always such a joy to see the smiles, laughter and joy that it brings.  We treat all of our puppies as if they were a new born babies that just came home from the hospital.  On that note we care so much about your new puppy that each one of our customers must watch our Puppy Care Video and pass a short quiz prior to picking up their new puppy.  At this point we will finalize and transfer all papers, documents and going over food regiment, supplements & training. We will also set up our customers with our text or email app that automatically follows up with every customer twice a day for the first 14 days. Finally after going over any questions and hopefully getting a wonderful video testimonial you will be on your way on your with your new puppy.  We love all of our customers feed back, testimonials & reviews.  It's always so nice to hear how well the puppies adjust to their new homes.  We love hearing how our puppies adjusted so well and virtually matched their new family's personalities.